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Our Story

Hinton Healthcare Group is a independent family medical practice that was founded in 2009 by two doctors wanting to take that extra step in caring for their patients. What started out as one location in O’Fallon Missouri has now expanded to ten locations across the greater St. Louis area! Dr. Paul Hinton and Dr. Jennifer Hinton have dedicated their lives to helping others in medicine and outside of their practice. They thrive with their involvement in charities and special interest that they fell passionate about. 

Hinton Healthcare believes in the power of keeping patients healthy through education and lifestyle choices. All of our providers are Board-Certified Physicians and Nurse Practitioners. They devoted to making the doctor/patient relationship their top priority! We are determined to give the highest quality of care to our patients, newborn through adulthood. Whether you need help for an acute or chronic condition, or just need a physical evaluation, call us! We would love to partner with you towards a healthier life.